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Vehicle Tire Center in Roswell, GA

Are you in need of tires? You can trust the experts at your local Honda dealership in Roswell, Georgia. The experienced technicians at Honda Carland will help you set the ideal tires for your vehicles, based on your driving style and the roads on which you drive. You can be sure Honda Carland is your one-stop-shop for any and all of your tire needs, with access to a complete collection of different tire options.

The advantages and benefits of replacing your tires at Honda Carland in Roswell, Georgia include:

  • Free Lifetime Tire Rotation
  • Free Road Hazard for 2 years
  • Free Roadside Assistance for 2 years

Tire Road Hazard Service Program

The Tire Road Hazard Program with expanded benefits is available at no additional cost when you purchase authorized tires at your Honda dealership in Roswell, Georgia.

  • All tires will come with Roadside Assistance, including towing, lockout service, refueling, and more!
  • We have switched to Nation Safe Drivers
  • Second year is covered 100%

Safe vehicle operation depends on your tires being in good condition. Your tire tread can wear away completely, leaving the tires bald and often exposing the steel cords if your tires are neglected. Our service department also offers name brand tires, such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Yokohama, Dunlop, Continnental, and more. Additionally, our state-of-the-art alignment and balancing machines make Honda Carland your one stop tire shop in Roswell, Georgia and allows us to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Honda Carland offers fantastic replacement tires for Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V, HR-V, Pilot, Odyssey, Fit, or Ridgeline vehicles.

Have you noticed your vehicle's handling less reliably? After you've had the same set of tires for at least 5 years, you should have your tires thoroughly inspected every year. If your tread is worn, your Honda Carland Service Department is here to help. Our expert Honda tire technicians can take a look at your vehicle. If your tire tread is worn beyond the recommended tread depth levels, your tires will need to be replaced. You can also check your tire tread depth yourself with a tire tread depth gauge.

There are many causes of tire damage, including:

  • The age and wear of your tires are two main factors
  • Frequent driving can result in excessive wear and tear, leading to less grip
  • Road conditions such as potholes, speed bumps, or other climate-related issues such as extreme temperatures, rain, snow, and ice
  • Speeding
  • Under- or overinflated tires
  • Improper wheel alignment
  • Failing to balance or rotate tires
  • Using incorrect tires in improper conditions

Damaged or worn tires can be dangerous for you and your passengers. Tires with abnormal tread wear patterns can cause the vehicle to shimmy and vibrate and can adversely affect the manner in which your vehicle performs. Tire with abnormal tread wear patterns will no longer make contact with the road in the manner for which they were designed. You can bring your tires in, no matter the condition, and your expert technicians can evaluate them and make suggestions on whether they need to be repaired or replaced.

technician selects bolt from case

Signs that your tires are worn can include:

  • Uneven tread depth
  • Shallow treads
  • Damaged valve caps
  • General tire damage

How Your Tires are Professionally Serviced and Repaired at Honda Carland:

  1. Raise your vehicle using our automotive lift
  2. Rim and tire assembly are removed from the vehicle
  3. Tire is removed from the rim
  4. New valve stem assembly is installed
  5. New tire is installed on the rim
  6. Tires are inflated to recommended pressure
  7. On our computer-aided dynamic tire balancing machine, the tire and rim assembly are balanced
  8. Tire and rim assembly are reinstalled onto your vehicle
  9. Wheel retaining nuts are torqued to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications

Are you ready to schedule your tire evaluation in Roswell, Georgia today? You can give us a call at (470) 336-1647 to schedule your appointment today. Our service team is proud to serve our Marietta, Atlanta, and Alpharetta, Georgia neighbors.

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