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Oil Change Services at Honda Carland in Roswell, GA

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The engine is the heart of any vehicle. Keeping the engine healthy is vital to keeping your vehicle running as long as possible. Regular oil changes do just that. Not only do oil changes help to maintain engine lubrication and cool the engine components, but they also serve to improve gas mileage and promote vehicle longevity. Also, removing engine wear particles and sludge that accumulates in old oil prevents your engine from becoming clogged.

Low oil levels can also occur if oil is not changed frequently enough. Without oil, the engine’s metal on metal movements cause friction which leads to high amounts of heat. This heat can cause the engine’s parts to weld together over time and make the engine seize up.

It is recommended that drivers should have their oil changed every 3,000 to 7,500 miles. There are also other ways to tell how often a vehicle’s oil needs to be changed. If the oil has turned black, the “Check Engine” or “Check Oil” lights come on, or the engine becomes noisy or jumpy, it is also time to consider an oil change. There are certain factors, such as driving conditions and operating styles that factor in when deciding how often to change a vehicle’s oil.

Oil should be changed more frequently if :

  • A vehicle is consistently exposed to extreme heat
  • The driver uses the vehicle for towing purposes
  • Driving for long periods of time at high altitudes
  • Vehicle is driven through dusty areas over long distances
  • Driving style includes rapid acceleration and deceleration

Honda Carland wants to ensure that drivers have the best car care possible by offering oil changes in Roswell, GA. Our service techs also provide a variety of other services. Schedule your next oil change with us today, or see our service specials page to find a great price on our other services.


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