Equity Exchange Program

Equity Exchange Program at Honda Carland in Roswell, GA

Honda Carland’s Vehicle Improvement Program

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We Need Your Pre-Owned Vehicle

Based on current Special Financing, and Honda Carland’s Pricing, you may be in an excellent position to exchange your current vehicle for a brand new Honda and likely lower your monthly payment!

Through our Vehicle Improvement Program, eligible consumers are entitled to receive additional trade-in value and Special Incentives toward the purchase or lease of a newer Honda vehicle.

While you are waiting for your car to be serviced, please take advantage of the valuable upgrade options that we currently offer with the Honda Carland Vehicle Improvement Program

To take advantage of these benefits and receive 10% off your next service visit, call (470) 336-1643, to speak to our Equity Advisor and see if you qualify for this exciting program.

The benefits of the Vehicle Improvement Program:

  • Free CarFax report on your vehicle – a $39.99 value.
  • Receive an honest, fair, written offer for your vehicle.
  • Low monthly payments available.
  • Great financing terms available.
  • Lifetime powertrain warranty on new Hondas.
  • Lowe fuel costs and efficient mile per gallon.
  • Reduced cost of driving.
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs.
  • Brand-new comfort, entertainment, technology and safety features.

It’s simple, we want your vehicle!

It just makes sense, from ease and convenience to safety and finances.

Selling your car to Honda Carland vs. another dealer.

  • It’s a sure thing. We’ll buy your car, even if you don’t buy a new vehicle from Honda Carland. Well buy every car we appraise regardless of year, make, model, or condition.
  • It’s easy. The actual sale of your vehicle can take as little as 30 minutes – just sign the paperwork and walk away with payment in hand. We’ll even handle your loan payoff, if needed.
  • It’s honest and transparent. We don’t play number games with you appraised equity position. You’re welcome to watch your inspection and speak with your VIP Specialist, plus you’ll get a detailed summary of the inspection and free CarFax report.

Selling your car to Honda Carland vs. Private Party Sale.

  • It saves time and money. No more payments. No advertising fees. No more depreciation. No time wasted with tire-kickers.
  • It’s safe. No meetings with strangers at your home. No bounced checks. No doubts – We don’t change our minds and try to make you take the car back.
  • It’s hassle free. No title issues. No problems with buyer funding or financing.

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