Why Rotate Your Tires this Spring in Roswell, GA

Honda Carland wants to help you keep your vehicle in great shape this spring. Regularly scheduled tire rotations help to ensure even wear of your tires over time and extend the life of your tires, saving you money down the road. Beyond this, well cared for tires are a foundation for the rest of your vehicle’s components functioning at their best. Typically, a tire rotation is called for every 5,000-7,000 miles, however there are exceptions and you should begin the process of caring for your vehicle by consulting your owner’s manual. Additionally, understanding how your vehicle’s drivetrain affects tire wear will help you to take better care of your vehicle.

Front-wheel-drive vehicles wear front tires more quickly than rear tires due to front tires transferring power to the road and steering the vehicle. Rear-wheel-drive vehicles provide a more balanced wear due to the fact that rear tires deliver power to the pavement while front tires are responsible for steering the vehicle. All-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive vehicles can present some of the most significant variances in tread depth, placing unnecessary strain on the drivetrain. In addition, these differences in drivetrain can also affect how your tires should be rotated. Information about the proper tire rotation pattern for your vehicle should also be outlined in your owner’s manual.

During a tire rotation, there are several steps to ensure your tires are being cared for properly. A tire rotation should include the following processes:

  • Thoroughly examine all tires for possible tread or sidewall damage. Both the inner and outer sidewalls should be checked

  • Date codes on tires should be inspected as tires deteriorate over time, eventually becoming unsafe. It is recommended that tires not be used when older than between 6-10 years old, even for spare tires

  • When replacing the wheels after rotation, proper tightening of lug nuts is vital to ensuring wheels are properly mounted to the vehicle

  • Tire air pressure should be checked and adjusted to ensure all tires are properly inflated

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