How to Deal with Foggy Windows in Roswell, GA

Window fog can be an inconvenience while out on the road, making it difficult to see during your travels. The air temperature and moisture content of the air affects whether your vehicle windows will fog or not. Honda Carland in Roswell, Georgia wants to help you maintain visibility and travel with confidence this spring. One vital element to reducing window fog is a healthy climate control system.

Ensure your air conditioner system is healthy, that your blower fan is working properly and not making unusual noises, and that your climate control intake isn’t blocked with leaves or debris. Replacing a clogged cabin air filter can also make a tremendous improvement to climate control system performance, which will de-fog your ride even faster. Air conditioners both cool and dehumidify your vehicle cabin. Dehumidifying the cabin reduces the amount of moisture in the air that’s available to turn to fog.

When the conditions are just right, humidity in the air condenses on cool surfaces like your windshield. If you’re vehicle’s windows are cooler than the air outside, the humid air touches the exterior of you glass, the moisture condenses onto it. To combat this, turn off your air conditioner to heat the glass up as condensation struggles to form on warmer surfaces.

The interior of your windows fog up when warm and humid air from inside contacts the cool windows, causing moisture to condense into fog. To reduce or eliminate interior window fog, you must reduce the level of humidity, increase the temperature of the windows, or both. Turn on your defroster and pump warm, dry air over the glass as when the glass is heated up, it becomes harder for condensation to occur.

Additionally, the air flow from your climate control system will typically push the humid air out of the car. Consult your owner’s manual for information on the climate control recirculation function, ensuring this is off when your windows are foggy. This forces drier air into your ride and forces more humid, fog-causing air out. Another way to prevent interior window fog is to reduce moisture resources inside your ride, such as wet floor mats.

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