How to Travel with Pets This Holiday in Roswell, GA

As you start planning for your holiday travels, creating great memories starts with low-stress, comfortable travel for the entire family. Honda Carland has several tips to help our Roswell area customers enjoy the travel season with tips to make holiday adventures with your pets run smoothly. Make sure your next trip with your pet is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Planning tips to consider include:

  1. Talk to Your Vet - Make sure your pet has had a recent check-up and is up-to-date on their vaccinations

  2. Map Your Route - Ensure your schedule accommodates for regular breaks. Plan a 15-30 minute break for every 4 hours of travel.

  3. Reserve Pet-Friendly Lodging - Not all hotels accept pets. Certain campgrounds also have restrictions. Contact hotels while planning to learn about their pet policies, including possible additional fees, breed restrictions, and rules.

  4. Check the Weather - Weather may affect your pet packing plans. For example, cooler weather may require additional provisions. Being aware of weather predictions can also help you better prepare for issues such as rain or other weather conditions that may slow travel.

  5. Crate Your Pet - Safety issues are an important consideration. The crate is the safest way for your pet to travel in a car and provides a comfortable, safe, and familiar place for your pet to sleep when you arrive at your destination.

  6. Pack for Your Pet - Plan for what items your pet may need while away from home. Ideas include:

    • Food & bowl

    • Water/water bottle & bowl

    • Leash

    • Treats

    • Brush & shampoo

    • Blanket & towel

    • Toys

    • Medications

    • Protective clothing

    • Waste bags

  7. Update Pet’s ID - Consider adding an additional emergency number for a friend or family member in the area

  8. Prepare Your Pet for the Trip - Taking a long walk prior to getting into the car is a good idea. Additionally, to try and avoid car sickness, feed your pet a few hours before getting into the car.

  9. Maintain Your Routine - Once you arrive at your destination, it is helpful to maintain your regular schedule as much as possible.

With a little preparation, you can avoid travel issues before they arise. If you are heading out on your next holiday adventure soon and want to make sure your vehicle is ready to take on your travel route with confidence, let the service team at Honda Carland help you keep your vehicle running at its best. To schedule your service appointment at your local Honda dealership, visit us at 11085 Alpharetta Hwy, Roswell, GA 30076 or call us at (770) 993-2805. Our service hours are Monday-Friday 7 AM-7 PM and Saturdays 7 AM-5 PM.